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Welcome, Individual Investors!

This part of the website addresses U.S. Savings Bonds and marketable U.S. Treasury securities, and the online system where you can buy both, TreasuryDirect (see links in upper left).

NOTE: Tax questions? We have answers!

Savings Bonds

Rates: Series EE     Series I

How to cash paper bonds

Current value of your bonds (Calculator)

How to buy a gift bond

What to do when an owner dies

See if you own matured, uncashed bonds (Treasury Hunt)


How to buy paper bonds

Marketable Treasury Securities

(Treasury bills, Treasury notes, Treasury bonds, TIPS, Floating Rate Notes)

Rates at recent auctions

Tentative schedule of auctions


More about TreasuryDirect

Legacy Treasury Direct
(this is being phased out)

Treasury Direct Payroll Banner

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