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Government Securities Mailing Lists:

Notices related to government securities issuances.

Auction Announcement Press Releases
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Auction Results Press Releases
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Auction Rule (Uniform Offering Circular) Amendments and Interpretations Specifically related to 31 CFR Part 356.
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Changes to Auction Data Informing customers about changes to RSS feeds, XML structure and other potential new data sources such as Web APIs.
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Collateral Programs Acceptability and valuation information for Treasury's Fiscal Service collateral programs (31 CFR Parts 202, 225, and 203) that require the pledging of collateral to secure deposits of public monies and other financial interests of the Federal Government.
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Buyback Operations
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CPI Press Releases for TIPS Current index ratios used for valuation of Inflation-Protected Securities.
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Government Securities Act Rule Amendments, Interpretations and Exemptions Specifically related to 17 CFR Parts 400 through 450.
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Notification of Calls for Large Position Reports The large position notification is intended for entities that may potentially have a reportable position of $2 billion or more in a particular Treasury security. Market participants should not rely solely on their inclusion in this mailing list for notice of a call for large position reports, but may use it as an additional source of information.
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